navigating your online gallery

Congratulations!  You've received an email from me, because your gallery is ready to be viewed.  So, now what? Below is a step-by-step guide to get you started on your way.

First things, first:
• Open the email you received (take note of password/pin provided)
• Click the grey "VIEW PHOTOS" button
• Enter your password to access your gallery

• In the right hand corner, click on the white arrow or simply scroll down to view photos

Photo Jul 20, 6 11 57 PM_edited.jpg

Let's Get Familiar With The Icons:

Most icons are self explanatory, but it's better to be safe than sorry.  There are 5 icons available, to help you go directly to the print store, view your shopping cart, view your favorites, download the full gallery and share the gallery on social media.


​Share The Love:

You are encouraged to share your gallery with your family and friends.  You can share it through email (by forwarding them you gallery email), and share your favorite photos on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Simply click the share icon to get started.

Noteworthy Tip:

You also have the option to download photos individually.  You can simply hover over the photo or click on the photo to enlarge/view it, to see the same icon menu.

​Downloading Your Full Gallery:

Typically this can only be completed once, per gallery. It is recommended that only the gallery owner (client) should be utilizing this feature.  

• Click on the download arrow (located in the menu icon) to download your full gallery

• After clicking the download button, a new window will open

• Enter the "download pin", provided in your email and click on "NEXT" button

In the next window, your photo selection is already checked by default (leave as is)

• Select the download size you wish to download

       - High Resolution (suitable for printing)

       - Web Size (suitable for sharing on social media/email)

• Select where you would like the files to be downloaded

       - Computer, Dropbox, etc

• Once all selections have been made, click on the "Start Download" button

Once your download has started, you will see a notification screen letting you know that your photos are being prepared. This may take a few minutes.  Once your download is ready, click on the ".zip" link/button to open the files.

Opening Your Photos:
Your photos will be downloaded as a ".zip" file. Check the downloads section of your computer. 

If you need help on working with .zip files, see links below for additional info.

Unzip files for Windows:,folder%20to%20a%20new%20location.


Unzip files for Mac: 




Happy Viewing & Downloading!

Please email me if you have any questions,