Making the decision to invest in a portrait session, is something that you won't regret.  We'll work together to create priceless portraits that you and your family will treasure for years to come.  I will gently guide you and provide instruction throughout the session, while encouraging you to love on each other and naturally interact, just as you would if I wasn't there.  I swoon over vintage colors and soft, golden sunlight.  My passion is to capture those in-between moments, when you think that nobody else is watching - because those moments are genuine and worth remembering. You will laugh, you will play, you will love, I'll probably trip over something (haha), and I will be there to capture every incredibly fun memory for you!

During your session, in the midst of all the laughing and cuddling, we'll be sure to capture all the silly moments, the quiet intimacy, the gentle caresses, and any other craziness that may have happened, along with a few posed images, sibling interactions, and individual images of everyone in the family.  Sessions start at $150. Select "Book Your Session" below to start your journey today and thank you kindly for considering Nina Araica Photography!