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My beautiful friend Crystal wanted to take a series of cute ‘navy inspired pinup’ pictures for her boyfriend, who was a Navy veteran. She wanted to keep it a secret and present him with printed images as a gift. I was definitely up for the task and I had the perfect location in mind – the USS Hornet!!

Once we finalized a date, I spent a morning (about a week before our shoot) scouting the Hornet (because I had never been there before) and rather than walk around aimlessly with a client, I’d like to be prepared with a plan of attack for each location. I was in awe of just how huge this ship was-it was ginormous!! Along my journey, I found a few really cool spots to incorporate into our session. While I was doing this, Crystal was working on finding a camouflage jacket to use as one of her outfits. The search was proving to be more difficult than expected, but luckily she found one!! She ended up with 3 outfits that went from cute, to bad ass, to daaaaaaaaaaaamn!

The morning of the shoot, Crystal was soooooo nervous, but understandably so, because I would be too! The Hornet is a tourist destination and usually full of people walking in and out and all around, all day long. So needless to say, no matter when we planned to start, we would undoubtedly be stared out by lookie-loos. Normally this doesn’t sound like too big of a deal….but now, if you’re scantily clad lol, it could be nerve wracking! This was very evident, as soon as we started, because her first outfit was a girly/frilly sailor costume, complete with stockings embellished with little gold anchors! She was so nervous that her hands were shaking, but we calmed her down, talked her through it and reminded her of how beautiful she looked! She did awesome and stuck it out, and we managed to capture some really great pics for her and her boyfriend.

Below are a few of my favorite images from this very fun session!

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