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My friend Arif is awesome! He’s pursuing his dream of being a stand-up comic , YAY!!! His career is just starting to kick off, so he wanted some head shots and images to be used in posters and billings and PR advertising/campaigns. Since we come from an urban environment, he wanted to incorporate that into his photoshoot. Lucky for him, I just so happened to have the perfect location in mind!

We grabbed a few props (a ladder, a mic with cord, etc) and headed out. Our first stop was the train tracks in Oakland, near the Coliseum. Both sides of the tracks are lined with graffiti covered walls. It’s a pretty awesome location for shoots :) As luck would have it, when we arrived , there was an uncoupled [single] train car parked on the tracks. We took a few pics on the tracks, in front of the graffiti covered walls and with the train car. On one side the door was slid open, so I had him sit inside for a few of the pics. After the tracks, we headed to West Oakland where I had stumbled across a beautiful abandoned brick building a few weeks prior. The building was the perfect height, had no windows and was on a very lightly traveled street. Perfect for our shoot!

Below are a few of my favorite pics,

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