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Michelle & Jose are absolutely perfect for each other and it was such a pleasure being a part of their engagement portraits. I've known Michelle since she was a teenager and to see her blossom into a beautiful mother and woman has just been amazing. She's awesome! Well after moving to San Jose, she met her love, Jose and they've been inseparable ever since. When she contacted me to say they were engaged and wanted photos (both engagement and wedding) I was more than honored and beyond excited! Let's do this lil mama!!! :)

We had a few conversations and discussed her wishes for their engagement photographs. She already had a location picked out "History Park" in San Jose, so that was a big help. Having a location selected prior to the initial phone call always helps things move along more smooth. So YAY Michelle!!! We finalized the day and time and we were ready to go!

After our first conversation, I immediately started brainstorming my photoshoot strategy because I had a million thoughts and ideas of how I wanted to handle her portrait session and couldn't wait to get them all out on paper. A few weeks prior to the shoot, I headed out to San Jose to scout the location - get a "lay of the land" if you will. With any portrait session/photoshoot I always go to the location prior to the shoot so I can familiarize myself with our surroundings and formulate a game plan for the actual day. There's nothing worse than having a photographer arrive at a location and not know what's there. The potential to miss great shots is high. So I like to be prepared :)

They're getting married pretty soon and I can't wait for that day either...it's going to be beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite portraits from our excursion,

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