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Seema is my super funny coworker, and she’s always making all of us laugh :) Well after the birth of her second baby (daughter, Anika) she decided it was time for a family portrait. So we started brainstorming on the perfect time, hopefully avoiding the rain of early spring lol, and after a few discussions at my desk, we were ready to go!

We decided to have the shoot on a Sunday, at a well known park in the city she lives in. I told her the two best times for an outdoor shoot are an hour after sunrise, or an hour before sunset. She chose the hour before sunset, for that perfect warm glow! We met up, introduced our spouses to each other and headed off to the photoshoot destination.

The kiddos were just as adorable as I’ve seen in the pictures around her desk. My most favorite thing about the shoot was Anika’s little shoes. Oh my word, they were absolutely too cute for words! Unfortunately they kept falling off, which happily provided me with a great opportunity to sneak a pic of her daddy putting them back on :) The rest of the shoot consisted of me chasing them around, snapping pics of anything and everything they did, including every cute-funny face!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the Sinhar Family Portrait Session,

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