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The hubby was longing for some slow shutter/long exposure pics and I was longing for some more pics from Fort Point, so as any awesome couple would…we compromised and decided on a 6am shoot time at Fort Point. It would still be dark at that time for some slow shutter/long exposure shots and I was at the location I wanted. Yay us!!!

Ok, now did I mention yet that it was about 40 degrees outside? And windy? And we were getting we from sea spray? And it was like 40 degrees outside? And it was freezing? And it was like 40 degrees outside? LOL! I was decked out in a beanie (in the shape of a moose), a long sleeve shirt with a tank top underneath, jeans, a jacket and a scarf. Despite all of that, I still had goosebumps from head to toe and was freeeeeeeezing! OMG! I’m not embarrassed to say that I ran back to the car at least twice, to get warmed up again while the hubby stuck it out.

Oddly enough we weren’t alone out there. You’re pretty much right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and on the edge of the water, so it’s a popular spot with photogs and tourists-but even at 6am, in the pitch black, there was plenty of foot traffic to shoot through. People running, walking dogs, parking and doing God knows what lol…just a lot of visual noise going on. But we shot through it all and managed to get some pretty cool shots. I haven’t even edited a quarter of them, so I’ll probably add pics to this post once I get around to editing. So until that time, here’s a few pics to keep you entertained :)

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