Courtney & Sabrina | BFF’s | Walnut Creek

Best friends since the 4th/5th grade…Courtney and Sabrina are now in their 1st and 2nd year of High School and still the best of friends. If they’re not video chatting with other friends in their tight little circle, they’re sending each other selfies of weird faces, double chins and crossed eyes lol – they’re crazy!

I needed to scout a location for an upcoming shoot and I wanted to be there shortly after the sun rose. YAY for these two girls being absolute troopers!! They were up and texting each other well before 6am – on a Saturday! I’m sure they would have much rather been sleeping in :) We had a lot of fun and they pretty much laughed through this whole photoshoot, well at least from the time the Unicorn onesie was brought out lol.

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