Denise & Abe | Engagement | Santa Cruz

My coworker Denise is getting married, woohoo!!! She decided on the absolute funnest location for her engagement session – the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! We met up later in the afternoon, and started our shoot on the pier. Denise had on a cute and frilly summer dress and Abe was dressed in jeans and a button down shirt – they looked perfect!

We laughed a lot and had fun on this shoot. After the pier, they changed clothes and we headed to the boardwalk. We had decided to take photos walking along the boardwalk, some candid shots playing games, and then an epic shot on the Sky Glider! Now this shot took some cooperation with the staff because they usually sit people 2-3 cars apart. Well this just wouldn’t work for our photo, so we begged and begged for us to be directly in front of/behind each other. Luckily they agreed and off we went!! I was seated in the car in front of them, so that I could turn around and capture images of them with all of Santa Cruz behind them…it was beautiful!!

After the Sky Glider we headed back down the boardwalk and snapped a few pics in front of the Sew Swings. We ended the evening back at the beach for some photos under the boardwalk and on the beach. All in all – one of the most fun shoots I’ve had. Congratulations you two!!!!

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