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This pretty little lady is my friend Denise. She is also a fellow photog and just like me, rarely makes her way to the front of the camera lol – but today was an exception. Denise needed updated photographs, so off to the woods we went. We had so much fun, talking & laughing.

A few days before her portrait session I sent her a few possible locations. We decided on Joaquin Miller Park. This regional park is absolutely beautiful and huge! The day before our shoot, I drove the perimeter of the park to pin point an exact location for us to meet and start our little photography adventure. Upon driving along Skyline, I noticed a really cool looking wood fence – of course, signed with “no parking” all over it. So naturally….we parked :) I just couldn’t help it! It was perfect! Surrounded by majestic redwoods and lush greenery.

So we parked off to the side of the fence, Denise grabbed her cowgirl hat, I grabbed some props, we set up a few poses and BAM – MAGIC!! :) We joked around, got comfortable with each other, talked about our styles of photography and I gave her some helpful tips for posing. All in all – we captured some great images. After a few more wardrobe changes and a new location a little down the road to take some cute and sassy pics, we wrapped up! I can’t wait to finish editing all of our great pics!

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