Family Fun | Muir Woods

The hubby and I decided to take Courtney on a little adventure to Muir Woods, early one Sunday morning. We got there a little after 7am, in hopes of capturing some morning fog – but we were too late. If it was in fact foggy that morning, we missed it as it had already burned off.

We walked through the open gates and up the walkway to the little visitor building, expecting to pay the entrance fee, only to find out that it was “free entrance” (before the park officially opened at 8am [I believe]. WOOHOOO!!! It pays to get there early :) We walked under the famed “Muir Woods National Monument” entrance sign and into the beautiful redwoods. We walked along the boardwalk, stopping along and reading all of the informational signs, snapping photos here and there. It was absolutely beautiful! The air was brisk and the woods were inviting. We past Bridge 1, then Bridge 2, then found this tree trunk that we could actually stand inside lol. It was awesome! We kept walking then circled back, to beat the traffic back home. It was a fun morning adventure.

Here are a few photos of our family outing:

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