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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Jackie & Steven’s wedding. Boy how time flies! Now they have 2 beautiful baby girls and I was fortunate to photograph little miss Giselle at only 13 days old. She’s more beautiful than words could explain and the portrait session was full of crazy moments and fun times.

We decided on a Saturday morning home portrait session, due to the nature of a newborn, needing all of their essentials nearby. Initially, upon having our phone consultation, Jackie and I had come up with all of these portrait ideas – incorporating cute beanies, blankets, outfits, shoes, books and Giselle’s big sis, Isabella. Well needless to say, babies run photoshoots – no exceptions lol. So we were completely on Giselle’s time and to put it bluntly….SHE WASN’T HAVING IT!

Everything we had planned and everything we tried was not working out. Giselle wanted to eat, not have her picture taken and since she’s the boss, we were on her schedule. After a few feedings, diaper changes and a wardrobe change, we tried again. I got her positioned inside of a basket (laying on her tummy), but she kept trying to kick herself off, haha it was hilarious! So mommy gave her a pacifier to sooth her and we waited. Whilst waiting for Giselle to chill (lol), I made use of the time and snapped a few shots of her cute little feet and hands, and all those perfect little details of a newborn. After about 5-10 minutes, she fell asleep. Woohoo!!!! Unfortunately we felt that trying to position her (into all those cute little poses) would wake her up and so would changing her clothes. So we just left her be, and I snapped away!!!! Sleeping babies are soooooooooo adorable!!

After all was said and done, and after countless laughs and re-strategizing (if that’s a word lol), I managed to walk away with a handful of decent shots. Congratulations Jackie & Stephen on the beautiful new addition to your family.

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