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My good friend Erika and I meet up at least a few times a year so we can laugh, catch up on our gossip and hopefully snag a few photographs of her adorable little guys while they run around our ankles, laughing and squealing :)

In the past we’ve met up at a beach, rural park and playgrounds. For this particular visit Erika decided on a beautiful woodsy recreation area near her home in Berkeley. It was beautiful and kind of reminded me of Muir Woods (also very beautiful!!) I had never heard of this park, but was happy too have found it fairly easy. Tons of families were joyfully taking advantage of the summer evening (as it was nearly 5:30pm) as the grass was littered with parents and couples relaxing while the playground and slide area was crazy with squealing youngsters!

I arrived slightly before them and took the opportunity to start figuring out my settings to adjust for the fact that it was still quite bright outside. I was actually surprised at how much the sun was still shining, right over our heads (trying its best to completely wash out every one of my photos lol). When they arrived, the boys hit the grown running! I chatted with Erika for a bit and then took off after the boys, snapping photos left and right. These boys crack me up. Not only do they have absolutely beautiful eyes and tons of energy, my little buddy Johan is also an excellent story teller and giver of hugs! :) It’s adorable to see the “brother” relationship between these two little guys. They run away from mommy together, give forced hugs to one another, and laugh together. It makes me smile because it reminds me of my sister and I when we were wee little ones lol ;)

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