Kim & Travis | Surprise Proposal |San Francisco

Talk about having to adapt lol…

This particular session was definitely an adventure :) My husband Mike and I brought our daughter Courtney so she could save the bench and when I saw them walking up, she would move but she’d remain near so that she could record the event. When I spotted them, I gave both Courtney and Mike a heads up and we excitedly waited. Much to my surprise, they had stopped walking and sat down. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I waited for them to get up and walk further down. Shortly after, I got a text from Travis – turns out, the original bench location that we had decided on (toward the end of the long pier), didn’t quite work out because as they were making their way down, Kim’s heels kept getting stuck in between the wood so they decided to stop. So we all had to scramble! I picked up my camera backpack and tripod and came up with a plan to re-position ourselves while still trying to remain discreet. Unfortunately it meant that I couldn’t be in the same position I had planned because I couldn’t walk past her with my equipment and remain unseen. It would have been so obvious. I decided to send my husband to that location and I would shoot from behind, hoping that Travis would angle her enough for me to see her face. Sadly that’s not what happened lol. Luckily my husband is an awesome photographer and managed to capture the perfect angle :)

I quickly got to my new location and positioned myself where I could still see them but remain somewhat hidden (as I did not want to distract her by bringing attention to myself). I set up my tripod again, re-tweaked my manual settings to adjust for the lighting at this new angle and wouldn’t you know it…right as I was nailing the finishing touches to my settings, a transient walked right in between us and decided it was time for him to do his afternoon stretches! Panic almost set in as I knew he’d be proposing soon, so I decided that I would just quietly approach this guy and politely ask him if he could move because I needed to take pictures of my friends. Well right as I walked up to him, I realized that his pants were coming down and he wasn’t wearing any underwear – OMG! Come on dude!! I immediately made a u-turn and re-positioned myself again just in time to see Travis getting down on one knee! In my head I was yelling NOOOOOOOO I’M NOT READY!!!! Thankfully I recovered quickly and managed to capture the event.

So after adapting to a new location that prevented me from shooting from the side I had originally planned and navigating around a scantily clad transient, I managed to pull off a successful proposal session with the help of my husband, who no doubt saved the day! I couldn’t have pulled this off without him!

CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!!!!!! Kim you’re going to make an absolutely beautiful bride and I’m so happy for you guys :)

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