Herrera | Father's Day Mini | Pinole

Surprise, you’re getting a photoshoot - YAY!! This is what my friend Crystal gave to her boyfriend for Father’s Day. What an awesome girlfriend :) We all met up for dinner, so she could present him with the gift certificate and we could hammer out some location details. We decided on Pinole Regional Shoreline – and I’m so happy that we did! It was an absolutely beautiful location. It was truly like a little hidden gem, nestled in the corner of a hectic city.

They decided on an early evening session, so I headed out of the East Bay at around 4pm, in hopes of allowing time for traffic (as both the Warriors and the A’s were playing in Oakland) and arriving shortly before or around 5:30pm. This time of year, an outdoor session that starts between 5:30pm-6:00pm is perfect because the sun sets around 8pm so we have over an hour (to an hour and a half) of nice warm glow and sun flares. My 2 favorite things lol.

We all arrived at the location, in perfect time to snag that last hour of gorgeous sunlight. The boys were tired, but very good sports and completely adorable, smiling whenever I asked, without hesitation. I lucked out, because all 3 are super photogenic and natural in front of the camera. We moved to a few different locations throughout the shoreline, and managed to get some really cool GoPro footage and a pretty good sized gallery.

Up next, we have a birthday shoot planned for Crystal – and I can’t wait!! It is going to be so awesome!

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